We’re not just an e-cig company. 

We provide choices to enable and support a better lifestyle, manifesting a health-minded, environmentally-conscientious world that gives back.

We know that global change starts with the individual. Better yourself and you improve the people and world around you. GreenSmartLiving is here to give you the tools to do so.

Why an e-cigarette, you ask?

Well, roughly 19%* of American adults smoke. That’s 43.8 million people, just in the United States. In addition to the numerous health risks, both to smokers and the victims of second-hand smoke, there are also a number of environmental issues surrounding tobacco. Deforestation, pesticide-use, cigarette butt litter, as well as soil and water contamination are just a few of the issues.

In fact, more than 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered every year.

Provide smarter alternatives for a better life.

Our Super E-cig is a 100% tobacco-free, rechargeable, recyclable, and smoke-free alternative. We source our nicotine by recycling non-tobacco plant matter and offer seven delicious flavors.

If you are looking for a smarter alternative, give GreenSmartLiving a try. We let you try it before you buy it. Just look for one of our tasting stations at a store near you.

Our Mission

“We are committed to creating a positive human impact, improving the quality of lives and protecting the environment by providing smart, simple and effective life improvement choices.”


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