Where to look for an Electronic-Cigarette?

Green Smart living(GSL) Electronic Cigarette Stores
GSL’s merchandise is available at a number of convenience stores throughout America and finding a store near you is as simple as knowing your zip code. On the website, you can type in your zip code in the store locator, and the system will automatically find the nearest store that carries GSL produces.

What products from the Green Smart living collection are available in the electronic cigarette stores?
GSL offers a wide range of products that are available in convenience stores as well as online. These products include electronic cigarette starter kit with two refill cartridges, a white rechargeable battery and a USB adapter to connect to a power source. The Refuel Now box contains 5 cartridges, and is available in various flavors such as menthol, clove, peach, strawberry, vanilla and acai berry to fit in the different tastes of users. The cartridge comes with different levels of liquid nicotine: High (18mg), Low (6mg), Zero (0mg). These stores also stock the accessories such as USB wall charger, USB car charger, USB carrying charger, USB adapter charger and various refill flavored cartridges which you can use to refuel it & buy electronic cigarette.

GSL also offers Anti-radiation stickers for your cell phones that protect you from the electro-magnetic waves that are created while using the mobile phone. It can also be used on other electronic devices. The newest product, the anti hangover pill helps you overcome the effects of alcohol consumption such as headache, dizziness, body ache, and weakness. It is an anti-acetaldehyde product, prepared to guard your body against the toxic effect of alcohol consumption at a cellular level. It is completely safe and only takes one pill before your first drink to work. Perfect for any occasion.

Green Smart living venturing into European markets
With a successful venture in American markets, GreenSmartliving has now entered the European markets and has selected Spain to start its operations. The two key objectives now are to establish a sales force in Spain and Germany, and to extend our role towards a greener and healthier world.

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One comment on “Where to look for an Electronic-Cigarette?
  1. i have bought 3 chargeable ends and they don’t work. they are all faulty, and i want a replacement. they only last about a month. very diappointed

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