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Smoking as we all know is an addiction that is hard to stop, but what are the options for a smoker if they are no longer interested in tobacco and wants to make a change? Out of these options the “E Cigarettes” have surely become the buzz among smokers, and continues to gain momentum as a lot more people are making the shift to vaping.

Electronic cigarette Accessories

Electronic cigarette Accessories

An E-cig is an electronic device with the same look and feels that traditional cigarette offers. It is comprised of three basic elements, a cartridge, an atomizer, and a rechargeable battery. The reasons for which e cigarettes are gaining so much popularity includes odorless vapor, no tar and ash, saves money, is better for the environment and many more. Smoking through an electronic cig is termed “vaping” because the user inhales vapors instead of smoke that is produced during the inhale of the electronic cigarette, which heats the liquid nicotine in the cartridge.

If you are confused about where to start, you may want to try a few different brands and find the one that best suites your requirements. GSL offers a wide range of products as well as regular electronic cigarettes. These products are available in various flavors, which is an additional advantage. Apart from the cigarette kits, GSL or greensmartliving is also a place that our customers can buy accessories for their personalized electronic cigarette kits.

So why wait? Join the movement of smart and healthier living. Try “E-cigarettes” now! http://greensmartliving.com

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Where to look for an Electronic-Cigarette?

Green Smart living(GSL) Electronic Cigarette Stores
GSL’s merchandise is available at a number of convenience stores throughout America and finding a store near you is as simple as knowing your zip code. On the website, you can type in your zip code in the store locator, and the system will automatically find the nearest store that carries GSL produces.

What products from the Green Smart living collection are available in the electronic cigarette stores?
GSL offers a wide range of products that are available in convenience stores as well as online. These products include electronic cigarette starter kit with two refill cartridges, a white rechargeable battery and a USB adapter to connect to a power source. The Refuel Now box contains 5 cartridges, and is available in various flavors such as menthol, clove, peach, strawberry, vanilla and acai berry to fit in the different tastes of users. The cartridge comes with different levels of liquid nicotine: High (18mg), Low (6mg), Zero (0mg). These stores also stock the accessories such as USB wall charger, USB car charger, USB carrying charger, USB adapter charger and various refill flavored cartridges which you can use to refuel it & buy electronic cigarette.

GSL also offers Anti-radiation stickers for your cell phones that protect you from the electro-magnetic waves that are created while using the mobile phone. It can also be used on other electronic devices. The newest product, the anti hangover pill helps you overcome the effects of alcohol consumption such as headache, dizziness, body ache, and weakness. It is an anti-acetaldehyde product, prepared to guard your body against the toxic effect of alcohol consumption at a cellular level. It is completely safe and only takes one pill before your first drink to work. Perfect for any occasion.

Green Smart living venturing into European markets
With a successful venture in American markets, GreenSmartliving has now entered the European markets and has selected Spain to start its operations. The two key objectives now are to establish a sales force in Spain and Germany, and to extend our role towards a greener and healthier world.

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Electronic Cigarette is smokeless

E-cigarette is a completely non inflammable product that uses heat to vaporize propylene glycol to provide user a real experience of smoking without actual intake of tobacco and tar. It looks similar to the real cigarette and even it tastes similar, yet it reduces the health risks associated with cigarette smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are small, cylindrical, self-contained devices. Size of these cigarettes may vary depending on the battery used and its capacity. Most of them can be reused by refilling them while some of them are disposable.

People smoke cigarettes because they enjoy its physical and emotional sensations. These e-cigarettes provide the same pleasures without involving the hazardous effects associated with traditional smoking. Such cigarettes are becoming rapidly popular. The major advantages of these cigarettes over traditional cigarettes is

• Reduced intake of tar and other cancer causing chemicals
• Freedom to smoke even in public places
• Odorless
• Non flammable
• Low cost

Electronic cigarette is the best alternative for smoking. With the use of these cigarettes, people still get the nicotine hit, but it is free from other harmful chemicals as like in the cigars and cigarettes.
Electronic Cigarette Refill
Electronic Cigarette Refill – When you are buying an electronic cigarette, you can purchase a pre filled e-cig cartridge. You can also refill these cartridges with the e-liquids. Refilling these e-cigs will save your considerable amount of money. These can be refilled with the e-liquid. Refilling can be tricky of you are doing it for the first time. It can be done in two ways – drip method and injection method.

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The Electronic Cigarette: A smarter smoking device

What is an electronic cigarette, what are the parts of e-cigarette and how do they function. How it is helpful for quitting cigarette smoking.

Electronic cigarette – is harmless compared to the traditional tobacco cigarette. Smokers are eager to use it which does not cause health problems and smoke that is integral part of regular cigarettes. World of smoking has become smokeless. It is launched before three years and has become very famous among young smokers. The smoke like vapor gives you feeling to real smoking and gives the nicotine boost for which most of the smokers crave. It keeps you away from the dangerous consequences due to cigarette smoke. Many smokers have accustomed to this new cigarette technology to quit smoking.
Smokeless Cigarette
What is an Electronic Cigarette?

It’s an electronic device which has a battery, a nicotine cartridge and an atomizer. The smoker can use it just like a regular cigarette and emit smoke like vapor. The end of cigarette glows when nicotine is inhaled. The nicotine cartridges are available in different levels of strengths and with various flavors. This allows the user to maintain the intake of nicotine level while quitting the smoking. This feature has made this new device very famous for the smokers who replace traditional cigarette with e-cigarette and quit smoking.

If you have chosen this product and wanted to make it suitable to your style and taste, you can customize changing its parts and design. It is available in different forms like screwdriver and pen. You can refill the cartridge. The mouthpiece containing flavored nicotine is made of disposable plastic. The user can also increase the heating level of nicotine to give bigger boost while smoking. These mouthpieces are also available in different forms. The atomizer works as heating element in this device. The moment you inhale you taste the nicotine with your favorite flavor. You inhale flavored vapor instead of dangerous smoke. The atomizer lasts for three to six months, so this also saves on going expenses over cigarette smoking.

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